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WillowPure 360 is the go-to decontamination system from Willow Industries. This machine cleans 25-35 lbs of post harvest flower per cycle, utilizing a gentle turning drum system to ensure consistent and effective cleaning.

  Drum Capacity: 35 gal

 Mobility: Wheels and Brakes

Power: 120 VAC | 10 Amps

 Dimensions: L:48″; W:28″; H:39″

Weight: 250 lbs.

System: Single Drum Design

WillowPure 20 is perfect for decontaminating pre-rolls once they’ve been rolled. With our two rack system you’re able to evenly distribute pre-rolls ensuring a consistent clean.

Capacity Per Cycle:

Approx. 8,500 prerolls

 Mobility: Wheels and Brakes

Power: 120 VAC | 10 Amps

Dimensions: L:74″; W:30″; H:78″

Weight: 510 lbs.

System: Racks and Trays

Eliminate Unwanted Microbes






E. Coli

WillowPure keeps cannabis clean so compliance is a breeze.

Benefits of Working With Willow

Microbial Partnership

Turnkey Technology

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