WillowPure™ 5

WillowPure 5

Small but powerful, this is the perfect option for craft, boutique and medical grows. Built to live on a benchtop, holding 5 pounds per run on 8 trays, the WP 5 allows you to devote the same personal attention to safety and purity that your clients value.

Willow Pure 5

All WillowPure Machines Include

• Willow Control System – PLC/HMI touchscreen panel for easy system operation, remote access, alarm,
and data collecting (strain, weight, processing time input)
• Ozone Generator and Oxygen Concentrator
• Ozone Destruct Unit (will destruct ozone in 20 minutes post-processing)
• Safety Interlock System
• High-quality Aluminum and Lexan construction
• Installation and machine training session
• Standardized SOP manual
• Online and phone support
• 1 year warranty
• Access to decontamination best practices discovered through Willow Industries, LLC™ continuous research

Willow Industries Fact Sheet 5

How to Work With Us

Willow can work with you by providing product cleaning services at your location or by leasing and servicing your own WillowPure machine.


On-Site Services


Equipment Leases



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