Air Filtration Designed for Cultivation Environments

Capture and remove airborne contaminants like Aspergillus to ensure a safer workplace and healthier plants.

Clean Air is Essential

Air contamination directly impacts employee and plant health.

Take steps to easily manage one of the biggest threats to occupational safety and cannabis compliance.

Protect Your Employees

Give your employees a safe environment to thrive in.

Protect them from health risks in your cultivation environment.

  • Inhalation hazards of ground cannabis dust and airborne contaminants
  • Allergic reactions, respiratory irritants, and occupational asthma
  • Aspergillus, bacteria, mold spores, and other harmful contaminants
  • Adhere to OSHA safety compliance requirements by addressing airborne contamination risks and implementing hazard controls to ensure clean air

Protect Your Plants

Cultivating top-tier cannabis begins upstream, and maintaining a clean environment is key to quality and compliance.

  • Capture and remove airborne contaminants that affect plant quality and health
  • Lower exposure to microbial burden and cross contamination
  • Maintain consistent air circulation necessary for optimal growing conditions
  • Reduce risk of Aspergillus testing failures

Clean Air For Every Room

WillowAir can be installed anywhere to protect rooms of all sizes.



Placed Freely

Industry-Leading Technology

WillowAir uses the latest technology and methods for air purification.

MERV 13 Filters

Capture and remove particles as small as 0.3 microns, including Aspergillus

Powerful Airflow

Create optimal growing conditons with 5 air changes per hour

Versatile Installation

Mount, hang, or place freely

Simply Engineered

No UV | No Ozone
Pure Air Filtration

What Is Actually In Your Air?

A closer look at the invisible threat that could be impacting your business.

The petri dishes below show airborne contaminants in samples taken before and after using WillowAir:

Leave Dirty Air In The Dust

Healthy Employees | Healthy Plants | Healthy Business