How Ozone Knocks Out Cannabis Contaminants

Ozone is
often thought of as the crucial molecule that makes up part of the atmosphere,
but recent innovations in decontamination technology have repurposed it as an
effective cleaning agent for water, soil and agricultural products. Ozone is an
incredibly powerful oxidizing tool that can be used to remove a variety of
free-floating, harmful molecules, and pathogens.

As a
decontaminant, it’s 2.5 times more powerful than chlorine bleach and can kill a
variety of pathogens that are commonly found on cannabis. The use of ozone has
increased significantly in the last 10 years and is often used in surface
sanitation as a cost-effective treatment method. Overall, ozone has proven to
be a popular and effective method for treating wastewater, soil contamination,
odor control, and food processing plants.

Ozone is designated as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) by the FDA and the USDA, which means it is approved for all food products.

Our Cannabis Decontamination Technology in Action

Inside the
WillowPure system, oxygen’s two atoms release and recombine to form ozone with
three oxygen atoms. Ozone effectively attacks the bacteria and mold it
encounters because the newly bonded, unstable third atom releases and breaks
down cell walls. The cells eventually die as this process repeats itself.

After ozone destroys bacteria and mold cells, only oxygen remains, so no residue, chemicals, or solvents are left behind on the cannabis product. This organic process allows us to effectively decontaminate the product without altering potency, cannabinoid concentrations, or terpene profiles on cannabis.

We developed the WillowPure system so it can be used safely and confidently no matter the size of a grow, with measures in place that prevent leaks and human exposure to ozone gas. Our ozone decontamination machine does not require in-depth knowledge to operate, and we provide initial training to ensure the system functions correctly.

Ozone: An Organic Kill-Step For Cannabis Decontamination

WillowPure systems implemented in grows across the county, giving cultivators the power to decontaminate their product at multiple phases in the harvesting process. Our ozone decontamination machine functions as a organic kill-step for freshly harvested flower or as a remediation solution for product that has failed testing.

Evolving contamination regulations throughout the legal cannabis industry highlight the need for this kind of organic ozone decontamination technology. More states with legal cannabis are developing and changing crucial microbial testing guidelines, and with that, consumer awareness of the contamination problem within the industry is higher than ever. Manufacturers realize the importance of implementing measures that ensure microbial testing success so consistently safe product is reaching consumers and patients.

Contact Willow Industries today to learn more about leasing, rental and servicing options for our WillowPure system so your business can purify your product and protect your brand.