Not all ozone is created equal. Our patented ozone-based technology is engineered specifically for cannabis cultivators, by cannabis experts. There’s really no comparison between our WillowPure technology and generic ozone generators… But we did it for you.

Cannabis Ozone Disinfection 101

Ozone gas (O3) is a powerful and naturally occurring form of oxygen that has been recognized for its effectiveness in eliminating pathogens and microorganisms. It has the ability to kill a variety of pathogens, including yeast, mold, bacteria, and Aspergillus. For this reason, ozone’s use extends to various applications, including water treatment and use in the food and agriculture industries.

We applied these uses and perfected them for cannabis.

What are Ozone Generators for Cannabis?

The unique engineering of our machines ensures the controlled, contained, and targeted treatment of your flower, in order to proactively and directly combat harmful pathogens living on the surface of the plant. No guessing, no safety risks, no gaps – just clean, healthy cannabis.

Now, let’s talk about ozone generators. As we mention in the chart below, they are akin to a literal ozone leak. This is the opposite of how our systems function – and an example of the explicit differences in engineering between our technology and generic ozone generators. Free-flowing, uncontained ozone results in untargeted and inconsistent facility and cannabis decontamination. You set it up in a room, set the timer, evacuate, and hope it does what you think it will do. Will it clean your facility? Will it reach all of your plants? How long do you need to pause your workflow? Our guess is as good as yours.

Although both systems use ozone, the vast difference in method, efficacy, and safety is imperative to choosing the right one.

WillowPure’s Clean Cannabis Solution

So, what is the difference between our ozone-based decontamination technology and these other ozone generators we’ve heard about?

Take a look at our breakdown so you can stay informed about the differences and make the right choice for your business.

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Written by Aly LeNoble, Director of Marketing and Jack Clark, Customer Success Manager

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