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Willow Pure Services


We will bring our technology and expertise to you!

If you have recently failed a microbial test or you are about to send your product in for microbial testing, Willow can provide decontamination services to clean and purify your product.

Start-to-finish decontamination service:

  • WillowPure technology delivered to your facility: We bring our technology to your facility so the product never leaves your cultivation.
  • Access to best practices and recommendations: We believe in preventing cross-contamination for maintaining the purity of your flower. Our service technicians wear food-grade protective suits, including hair nets, face masks, scrubs, shoe covers, and gloves. We will provide you with guidance and recommendations for keeping your product contaminant-free.
  • Fast and efficient cycle time: Willow service technicians will review your microbial reports and determine the right treatment time for your product. Our machines are WiFi enabled, which allows us to monitor the machine remotely for overnight runs.
  • On-site experts to setup, operate, clean and repackage your product: You provide the product and we will take care of everything else! We will unload and load product into the WillowPure and bag all product at the end. We will also get your samples ready for delivery to the lab.



WillowPure Denver Machine Sales


Are you looking to incorporate the WillowPure into part of your standard operating process? Do you harvest every week and would like to make sure all product is safe and sellable before mandatory state testing and dispensary sales?

The Willow team will install your very own WillowPure, train your staff, and share our best practices to keep your product clean and pure.

Willow offers weekly out-of-state trials and we also have financing plans available.