DENVER, Feb. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Willow Industries, the leader in cannabis decontamination and kill-step technology, closed $2M in Series A venture funding from a top-tier syndicate of cannabis institutional investors including Panther Group, LAGO Innovation Fund, and PhytoPartners, joined by current investors, Halley Venture Partners and others.

Willow Industries’ latest round of financing will continue to accelerate its exponential growth as the standard for clean cannabis, cementing the company as an essential part of the critical supply chain in the cannabis industry. Their WillowPure technology is currently deployed in 26 states and has started to expand internationally with Canada and Australia. The company is prepared to support the international market, lending years of experience from their work with cultivators of all sizes, from top MSOs to craft cultivators. “Their patented kill-step technology, combined with a focus on quality assurance and comprehensive microbial support, has made WillowPure widely adopted as the industry standard decontamination solution,” said Steve Schuman, Managing Director of Halley Venture Partners.

Willow Industries is enabling regulatory compliance and bringing Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to the industry. The company will continue to expand and support new markets as they legalize, educating cultivators on microbial contamination and compliance testing with their industry-leading Science and Customer Success teams. With the WillowPure360 at the forefront of their tech platform, innovation of their proprietary technology will remain a top priority, as the company accelerates research and development on both hardware and software.

“We look to continue to set the standard for high quality, clean cannabis within the industry. Consumers are demanding transparency from cultivators, and we are well positioned to continue advancing our technology with hardware and software to be the catalyst for consumer safety,” said Jill Ellsworth, founder & CEO. “The Series A financing will allow us to double-down on accelerating our national & international growth plans.”

Jordan Tritt, CEO and Co-founder of Panther Group, added, “As the industry drives towards legitimacy and national legalization, Willow Industries’ unique focus on microbial understanding and quality assurance throughout the manufacturing process has positioned the company as a pillar for compliance standards in the industry.”

WillowPure is the only organic kill-step available on the market today, operated off a simple use system that flows within the production process. Adding on to the microbial kill rates of the technology, recent studies have proven its effectiveness in protecting shelf life, enhancing the value of the product once it is available to consumers. 

“We believe with new levels of strictness being implemented by regulations, that a kill-step will become a standard for the industry. It is our belief that the Willow kill-step will become this standard and the market leader for mitigating this mission critical problem. Ultimately, cultivators and the American consumer will demand an organic kill-step like WillowPure for the products they ingest, both to improve freshness and get rid of mold and mildew,” said Jonathan Rubin, Portfolio Analyst and Partner of PhytoPartners.

About Willow Industries

Willow Industries is the cannabis industry leader in post-harvest microbial decontamination technology, bringing cultivators the solution they need to provide patients and consumers with consistently clean, high-quality products. WillowPure, the company’s patented, organic ozone-based technology is scientifically proven to reduce or eliminate contaminants such as yeast, mold and bacteria from cannabis while protecting the medicinal properties of the plant. With its environmentally friendly, non-toxic cannabis decontamination technology, cultivators can meet standards and address underlying issues. In 2021, the company ranked no. 205 on the Inc 5000 list of the Fastest Growing Private Companies in America. Learn more at

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