Willow Industries joins the Cannabis Research Coalition in their efforts to further scientific research in the cannabis industry

DENVER, June 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Willow Industries, the leader in cannabis decontamination technology and microbial control services, announced its strategic partnership with the Cannabis Research Coalition (CRC). The collaboration is aimed to support the CRC’s initiatives to further advance the exploration of the cannabis plant and create a sustainable, efficient, and successful industry.

Collaborating with academia and industry stakeholders through a cooperative research model, the CRC works in partnership with the Flowering Physiology Laboratory at Clemson University, developing science-based research to address cultivation and post-harvest issues that challenge today’s cannabis industry.

With a shared commitment to push the boundaries of cannabis research and development, Willow Industries has donated WillowAir units to the coalition, ensuring the highest standards throughout the research process. Engineered to capture and remove airborne contaminants, the air filtration system not only protects employees from respiratory hazards in cultivation facilities but also maintains a clean grow environment, ensuring product safety for patients and consumers.

“This partnership underscores how important industry collaboration and research initiatives are to the future of cannabis,” said Jill Ellsworth, Founder and CEO of Willow Industries. “With our shared values and commitment to advancing the industry, we are thrilled to join the Cannabis Research Coalition in their pursuit of scientific advancements and industry-wide standards.”

Through synergistic efforts and a shared passion for innovation and science, the coalition, composed of members from all facets of the cannabis industry, continues to be a catalyst for change.

“Today, we unite as pioneers in an emerging industry. Merely a month ago, the Federal government acknowledged the therapeutic potential of cannabis. The call for research, across all departments, resonates louder than ever and is only achieved through industry collaboration,” said Allison Justice, PhD, Founder and CEO of the Cannabis Research Coalition and The Hemp Mine.

Bolstered by the addition of Willow Industries, the coalition represents a pivotal step towards a more informed and scientifically robust cannabis industry and highlights the collective commitment of industry leaders to advancing cannabis research.

For more information about Willow Industries and their innovative decontamination technology, visit www.willowindustries.com.

To learn more about the Cannabis Research Coalition and their ongoing research initiatives, visit www.cannabisrc.org.

About Willow Industries:
Willow Industries is the industry leader in cannabis microbial control and post-harvest decontamination technology. Founded in 2015, the company is built on one simple principle: cultivators should be equipped with resources to provide patients and consumers with consistently safe cannabis. Their patented WillowPure systems use organic, ozone-based technology that is scientifically proven to reduce or eliminate contaminants such as yeast, mold, and bacteria from cannabis, while protecting the medicinal properties of the plant. Their team of microbiology experts, Willow Scientific, ensures cultivators employ best practices and quality control alongside modern technology such as WillowAir, which captures and removes airborne contaminants like Aspergillus to ensure a safer workplace and healthier plants. Willow has been named one of Inc. 5000’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America three years in a row, and is a 2x honoree on the Forbes 42.0 Cannabis list. Based in Denver, CO, Willow’s services are available to all licensed cultivators in the United States and across the globe via an innovative and accessible model that employs a holistic, turnkey approach.

About The Cannabis Research Coalition:
Founded in 2022 by Dr. Allison Justice & Ashley Manning. The Cannabis Research Coalition (CRC) partners with academia and cannabis industry stakeholders to advance the exploration of the cannabis plant. Their mission is to implement science-based research to develop sustainable, efficient, and profitable cultivation techniques. The CRC combines the resources of cannabis industry stakeholders—including individuals and businesses—to fund academic research that provides practical answers to industry challenges. Our cooperative research model, inspired by successful horticulture and greenhouse research collaborations, allows members to benefit from pooled resources, gaining access to cutting-edge, science-based research at a fraction of the cost. By partnering with colleagues, collaborators, and sometimes competitors, our members stay at the forefront of production know-how. For more information, visit www.cannabisrc.org.

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