Willow Industries’ low-cost, ozone-based prevention and remediation now available to licensed Oklahoma cannabis growers

OKLAHOMA CITY, September 2, 2020 – Willow Industries, the leader in cannabis and hemp microbial prevention and decontamination technology, today announced the launch of its on-site, white glove cleaning and remediation services in Oklahoma.

Through this new offering, the company will transport its WillowPure mobile units to cultivation facilities across the state, with Willow product technicians working directly with growers to remediate flower and trim that has previously failed state mandated testing for microbes. The company’s patented WillowPure controlled-ozone system is the only organic means of removing harmful microbes without degrading the essential medicinal and chemical properties of the plant; this process has also proven to extend shelf-life.

Willow Industries also offers preventative treatments that can be used as a kill-step before a grower’s first compliance test to ensure they are following the state’s newly enacted regulations.

“As of July 1, 2020, dispensaries across Oklahoma are only permitted to carry products that have been tested by an Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority-licensed laboratory,” Jill Ellsworth, CEO and Founder of Willow Industries. “As we have seen in the early stages of other states’ markets, contaminated harvests often lead to a great deal of destroyed product or pricey retesting fees. Our product technicians are trained in the compliant handling of cannabis and sampling procedures and are adept at offering clients advice on best practices to avoid product contamination in the future.

“We decided to bring our services to Oklahoma because, although the state has a smaller footprint, it is home to thousands of cultivators that run more boutique, craft operations and need a cost-effective means to clean cannabis,” said Ellsworth. “By using our on-demand services, growers can avoid purchasing expensive remediation equipment and instead take advantage of our pay-by-the-pound pricing structure.”

In addition to helping cannabis businesses thrive, Willow Industries is hyper-focused on consumer safety.

“When a producer has to destroy or retest a product, that added expense is often reflected in the retail price,” said Ellsworth. “If products become too expensive, we run the risk of pushing consumers to the illicit market which is largely untested, unregulated, and unsafe. With many medical patients having compromised immune systems, it is so important they are receiving the cleanest cannabis possible and we are committed to ensuring this.”

Willow Industries supports these claims with a money back guarantee. For more information on WillowPure or how you can book this service, please visit www.willowindustries.com

About Willow Industries

Willow Industries is the industry leader in post-harvest microbial decontamination for healthier cannabis to protect consumer safety. WillowPure, the company’s patented, organic ozone-based technology is scientifically proven to reduce or eliminate contaminants such as yeast, mold and bacteria from cannabis while protecting the medicinal properties of the plant. Willow’s technology is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and scalable for all types of operators. To date, Willow has saved cultivators over $70M++ in flower failures. To learn more, please visit www.willowindustries.com

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