Top Female Movers and Shakers in the CBD Industry

CBD has become one of the most popular go-to natural options for relief from stress, agitation, discomfort, and the like. Those who have becoming more involved and interested in the CBD industry may want to also know about the top women in the arena as well, who are recognized for doing big things – whether being establishing brands, conducting research, or educating. Here are the top 10 women in the industry in no particular order.

Jill Ellsworth

Jill Ellsworth is the founder and CEO of Willow Industries, a company that has created state-of-the-art cannabis decontamination technology. The technology is designed to help CBD companies maintain cleaner and safer products, while also ensuring the integrity of the CBD’s beneficial qualities. Ellworth runs a company that has a big position in the CBD industry and that helps many companies ensure that they are able to provide what consumers are looking for. Visit for more info

AC Braddock

AC Braddock is the CEO of Eden Labs, a CBD company that focuses on botanical extraction and distillation equipment. Aside from running a major company that is providing a contribution to the CBD industry, Braddock has also been named the Chair of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), which is one of the largest cannabis trade associations in the industry. The NCIA also acts as an advocacy group. For more info visit

April Pride

April Pride is the founder of Van der Pop, a website geared toward women who are looking for advice on marijuana, are interested in purchasing CBD products, and are interested in information about sex and cannabis. Pride was recently interviewed by MJ Biz Daily, in which she shared her experiences concerning her rapid success and acquisition. She notes that “as a female founder, if you look at the numbers in terms of rising capital, it’s very, very difficult.” Suffice to say, props on her feat, and the same for many women who face the same challenges. Visit for more