Scoop: Cannabis Decontamination Tech Company Willow Industries Closes $2M Funding Round

Cannabis and hemp decontamination technology company Willow Industries has closed a $2-million venture funding round.

The round, co-lead by AFI Capital Partners and WelCan Capital, included Halley Venture Partners and Flatiron Venture Partners.

“Microbial contaminants pose a major health risk to consumers who utilize medical cannabis for numerous conditions, and whose upper airway and immune systems are compromised,” said Dr. Ramie Tritt, an ENT and nasal-sinus surgeon.

“Willow has developed a solution to reduce or eliminate microbial contaminants without compromising the medicinal and recreational properties of the flower to allow safe use of cannabis.”

The closing of Willow’s first institutional funding round is “monumental” for the company, CEO Jill Ellsworth told Benzinga.

“We now have the power and strength behind us to execute our lofty visions and continue accelerating everything we have already accomplished. The funding also strengthens our position as a leader in cannabis safety.”

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