Painless prevention: Mold-reducing technologies can be a lifeline for growers

By Garrett Rudolph | Marijuana Venture, October 2, 2018

Bud rot. Powdery mildew. Gray mold. Botrytis. No matter what it’s called, mold- and mildew-related maladies can ruin a cannabis crop. The rise of legal marijuana and the increasing pesticide regulations governing the industry have revealed the widespread use of banned fungicides, such as Eagle20, resulting in numerous product recalls in Washington, Colorado and California.

But whether the root cause is steep fluctuations in humidity, weak genetics or contaminants in the air, cannabis producers can use a variety of technologies to reduce the potential for a mold breakout without resorting to dangerous chemicals.


Unlike many other air sanitation solutions, the WillowPure is a turnkey mold-mitigation system designed as a final step for dried and cured flower. All it requires is a power outlet, a clean environment and somebody to run the equipment.