Some Colorado marijuana growers want specific organic cannabis designation

By Jay Larson, featuring Jill Ellsworth | Denver 7, October 1, 2018

Will marijuana users pay more for weed that is grown using organic production methods? Some Denver-area growers say yes and they want to see the state create a certification for cannabis grown without toxic or synthetic fertilizers, GMOs or artificial preservatives or colors.

“Consumers deserve to know that there is organic and conventional,” said L’Eagle Services dispensary owner Amy Andrle. “Not that there’s anything wrong with conventional, but some people want to make that choice.”

Andrle said her dispensary near 6th Avenue and I-25 in Denver uses organic growing and production methods and she explains this to customers. However, she said she feels growers who use such methods would benefit from the state creating a set of rules to follow and a specific organic-like designation.