December 7, 2022

Jill Ellsworth, Founder and CEO of Willow Industries, shares her experience in getting a coach. She reflects on how it impacted her work performance and personal relationships in the most positive ways.




Being a leader is like having a spotlight on you all the time. It can feel uncomfortable, especially when you aren’t performing perfectly. It’s counterintuitive, but my experience has been that the best antidote to this spotlight is transparency, being honest about it, being a little bit vulnerable, and being able to share what’s truly going on with you and your heart, especially with your team. Our guest has had the same experience. She has also found ways to take off her mask and be her authentic self at work, including having no shame about the flexibility she needs and the things that aren’t going right, and also great at celebrating what is going well. 

Jill Ellsworth is both strong and capable, as well as imperfect. She is the CEO and Founder of Willow Industries, which is part of the cannabis industry. In addition to having the normal challenges of being a CEO, she’s got the double whammy because she’s also part of an emerging industry that I have found attracts interesting candidates. I found that a lot of organizations with a strong mission can struggle more with the hiring process. You’ll find that people are passionate about what you are doing but not necessarily capable or passionate about working on the job. This is extremely hard additionally to manage. I’m excited to have this conversation and learn how Jill has managed all of these challenges. Jill Ellsworth, welcome to the show.