How Successful Executives Prioritize Tasks

Using technology to help

There are a lot of useful apps and devices out there to help executives stay organized and set clear priorities.  “We use Asana to keep track of tasks,” Humiston said. Asana helps track projects efficiently and allows users to enter comments and notes on each task. “We have over 70 full-time employees,” Humiston explained. Without a tool such as Asana, Humiston would struggle to keep up with everything her staff is working on.

Ellsworth may be a fan of old-fashioned note-taking, but she still relies on modern technology to help prioritize. “As for devices I use, I certainly rely on my phone and laptop,” Ellsworth said. “I would love to say I use cool apps to manage my tasks, but for me, the simpler, the better.” She often uses email to send herself a list of tasks so she does not lose track of her thoughts.

Jill Ellsworth_Willow_mgretailer
Jill Ellsworth, founder and CEO, Willow Industries

Relying on staff

There may be countless sports clichés on the importance of teamwork, but that does not mean they aren’t true. “When I was an inexperienced entrepreneur, I would try to do it all, and of course, fell short,” Ellsworth said. “That is when I learned how to properly delegate certain tasks. I would be remiss if I didn’t give a ton of credit to my team for helping me complete the tasks that are put on my plate.”

Humiston also recognizes that her priorities would not be met without her staff stepping up, but she knows that the vision of the organization starts with her. “A huge part of my role is making sure the team understand the goals and is set up to execute them,” Humiston said.

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