Cannabis Science and Technology | January 30th, 2024 | Written by Madeline Colli

Willow Industries (Willow) unveils their new air filtration system which will benefit cannabis plant health and employee safety.

In a recent press release (1), Willow Industries disclosed their recent product offering, the WillowAir, an air filtration system that is able to catch and remove contaminants that are airborne. This contributes to safer work environments for employees and also the air quality that effects cannabis plant health.

Frequently witnessed in the cannabis industry, is the need to have a strong emphasis on cleanliness, as well as employee safety. Willow Industries, WillowAir, helps with these problems by inhaling respiratory irritants, ground cannabis dust, Aspergillus and other airborne pathogens, and other health risks that employees may come across in a cultivation environment (1). This device assists in helping plant health through its’ ability to lower microbial exposure and cross-contamination risk.

“As a company committed to innovation and excellence, we are proud to be a part of the movement towards employee wellness in this industry,” Jill Ellsworth, Founder and CEO, said (1). “Consumer safety and product quality have always been our ethos, and WillowAir further supports our mission.”

The WillowAir is a MERV 13 rated system that has the capacity to inhale contaminants as small as 0.3 microns (1). Willow Industries device can filter a space of 10,000 cubic feet. The air filtration system is able to be utilized in office spaces, packaging areas, grow rooms, and post-harvest production. It also does not need to rely on other adaptive components such as, Ozone and ultraviolet (UV). To purchase the WillowAir system, Willow Industries launched an online store for easier access to the air filtration system and other product offerings to help cannabis cultivators manage a clean environment. This has been called “Clean Cannabis Essentials” (1).

To learn more about the WillowAir (2), please visit:


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