In this episode of The Fine Print, host Caleb Teske interviews Carly Bader, Manager of Science at Willow Industries. Bader’s journey into the cannabis industry, fueled by her impressive background in microbiology and infectious diseases, sets the stage for a discussion that revolves around Willow Industries’ innovative approach to cannabis decontamination using ozone technology. This approach stands out for its gentleness and proactiveness in reducing microbial contamination in cannabis products, all while safeguarding product quality. Bader advocates for research and education in the cannabis sector, highlighting the company’s dedication to assisting cannabis cultivators with microbial consultations and recommendations, providing them with valuable insights to enhance their cultivation processes and remain compliant in cannabis testing.

In summary, this episode offers a deep dive into the realms of microbial control, cannabis decontamination, and the importance of product safety in the cannabis industry. The complex issues and potential challenges related to maintaining product integrity and safety, while striving for excellence, serve as the core topics of this engaging conversation between the host and the guest.

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