All agricultural production faces the risk of contamination. Even the most seasoned cultivators and manufacturers have to factor in climate, season, humidity, and the various people that come in contact with the plant. All of these variables are why most consumable products use a microbial control step in their production process. 

What is a microbial control step?

A microbial control step, often referred to as a kill step, is a critical phase in which the final product is treated to mitigate pathogens. This process ensures that the product is safe for consumption, avoiding costly recalls and lawsuits. 

Does a microbial control step exist for cannabis?

Willow offers the first and only microbial control step just for cannabis. It was engineered for cannabis cultivators by cannabis experts!

Inside the WillowPure system, oxygen’s two atoms release and recombine to form ozone with three oxygen atoms. Ozone effectively attacks the bacteria and mold that it encounters because the newly bonded, unstable third atom releases and breaks down cell walls. This organic process allows us to effectively decontaminate the product without altering the potency, cannabinoid concentrations, or terpene profiles of cannabis. 

Our ozone system doesn’t simply deactivate mold spores — it eradicates them without damaging or degrading the flower itself. And we even go one step further! By removing the pathogens before they can damage your flower, our process can actually extend the shelf life of your product. 

Experience the only organic microbial control step for cannabis with WillowPure!

As the cannabis industry continues to experience rapid growth, that growth brings new risks and demands — both from end consumers and the agencies regulating testing, labeling, product safety, and more.

Failed tests or recalls can result in unsellable or inferior products, resulting in financial losses, negative impacts on your brand reputation and loyalty, and potentially even fines or penalties from regulatory agencies. 

Don’t leave your product up to chance. Experience cleaner cannabis and a higher ROI through the only organic microbial control step on the market! WillowPure is here to protect your plants and protect your business — visit our product page for more info or contact us today