April 2020

This month’s newsletter is all about microbial education! You’ll find articles on mold prevention, studies on cross-contamination, regulatory updates, tips for responding to the crisis, and more!

1. The dangers of microbial contaminants in cannabis and how to prevent mold and mildew

If all you read is Ed Rosenthal’s opening line, you’ll know more about mold contamination than 75% of people in the industry. Other than the sterilization section, the article is a solid introduction to mold in cannabis.

2. COVID-19’s Spread Highlights Need for More Stringent Microbial Cannabis Analysis & Testing

Even though the article never mentions COVID-19, we get where they were going: the best path forward involves testing, and lots of it. Within the context of moldy weed, this article argues labs should be required to do qPRC instead of plating.

3. Q&A: Here’s What the CDC Has Learned About Cannabis Workplace Hazards

When you work around mold, you get sick. In farming they call it “farmer’s lung” and in wine it’s known as “winegrower’s lung.” Even though we don’t have a word for it in cannabis, this interview makes it seem as though that could be changing soon.

4. Oregon Cannabis Regulators Approve Random Products for Cannabis Testing Labs

We’re not sure if Oregon mixed up April Fools’ Day and 4/20, but according to the OLCC’s recent press release, random product testing is authorized in the state starting April 20, 2020.

5. Total Yeast & Mold Count: What Cultivators & Business Owners Need to Know about Cannabis Contamination

We all know consumers prefer mold-free products, but TYMC testing remains controversial. In this article, you’ll get a clinical perspective on what it is and why it’s done: “TYMC is an indicator of the overall cleanliness of the product’s life cycle: growing environment, processing conditions, material handling and storage facilities.”

6. Is Your Grow for Clean Cannabis Still Failing? Check for Endophytic Mold

If a batch fails microbial testing, one of the first things to figure out is whether you have an environmental problem (a power outage leading to a humidity spike in one room) or a systemic issue (Endophytic mold in your mother plant). This article will help you diagnose the problem.

7. Crisis Management in the Cannabis Industry

You have to submit your information to MJBiz to download this report, but we think it’s worth it. That said, a description of cannabis cleaning technology is definitely missing from the best practices section they should’ve included.

8. Here’s What Cannabis Consumers Want Most From A Dispensary

If you’re doing delivery or online ordering for the first time, it’s important to find new ways to make your product stand out. In our view, during a global pandemic, using your cultivation processes to highlight superior product safety is a great way to begin.

9. Moldy Cannabis Testing: Pathogens and Molds Affecting Production and Quality of Cannabis sativa L.

Did you know mechanical trimmers can make cannabis more susceptible to fungi? In this study, researchers analyzed samples from three years of mold testing and found a number of microbial vulnerabilities that every grower should know.

10. Wholesale marijuana snapshot: A review of prices in adult-use markets

Wholesale price update. Notice how in virtually all markets, premium indoor sells for twice the price of low-quality indoor, highlighting the value of focusing on quality.

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