This month’s newsletter is all about cannabis testing! You’ll find papers on cannabis quality standards, studies on potency testing, recent news, regulatory updates, and more!

1. What Is An Organic Cannabis Kill-Step? [Infographic]

In our new infographic, we define “clean cannabis,” compare kill-step technologies, share consumer taste test results, and more!

2. Perceptions of cannabis health information labels among people who use cannabis in the U.S. and Canada

We shared a Leafly article last month that discussed why product labels matter. In this study, researchers show which messages are most acceptable to consumers.

3. Science Reveals The Cannabis Industry’s Greatest Lie: You’re Buying Weed Wrong (And So Is Everyone Else)

You probably already know this, but we think it’s worth repeating: THC isn’t the only thing that contributes to potency! In this article, you’ll learn why experts look beyond THC and price when making buying decisions.

4. Significant Figures and Margin of Error—Or Why the Fourth Decimal Place in Your Potency Reading is Probably Meaningless

In this article, you’ll learn about THC testing in hemp and the USDA’s new Interim Final Rule, which defines an “acceptable hemp THC level.”

5. Cannabis Product Recalls Raise Significant Questions for Business Owners Across the Marketplace

On July 1st, 2020 Oklahoma’s mandatory cannabis testing program goes into effect, one week after state regulators issued the first product recall in the state. For OK growers, it’s time to start looking into clean cannabis technology.

6. Is A 0-1% Cannabis Testing Failure Rate Safe?

Researchers from Express Toxicology, a licenced testing lab in Oklahoma, suspect widespread underreporting of moldy product – and the numbers seem to support their case.

7. More states permit marijuana retailers to sell hemp-derived CBD, creating added competition for MJ producers

Since the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, a number of states have enacted rules allowing the sale of hemp-derived CBD products from dispensaries. In this article, you’ll learn what this means for the CBD industry moving forward.

8. Colorado CBD Product Manufacturers May Sell Into State-Licensed Cannabis Dispensaries

On July 1st, Colorado joins a growing list of states that allow the sale of hemp from dispensaries. The new rule requires hemp growers to submit their product to testing prior to being transferred to a licensed cannabis business. See article for full memo.

9. State-Regulated Marijuana Vape Cartridges Aren’t Safe, Doctor and Whistleblower Say

Product safety concerns arise in Hawaii following an investigation by Hawaii News Now that identified a number of issues with the state’s current testing program. The story highlights the need for uniform standards in cannabis product testing.

10. 6 Ideas for Increasing Profitability for your Cannabis Business

Investing in clean room technology is a great way to protect your bottom line: “An ounce of prevention is worth, in this case, potentially millions of dollars if the clean room technology can prevent a pest outbreak that could destroy an entire crop.”

11. Scientific Prospects for Research on Cannabis Microbial Analysis to Ensure Quality and Safety of Products

This paper is an excellent overview of the “state of knowledge and challenges in Cannabis science.” The researchers explain how model plant studies can be used to better understand the relationship between cannabis and microbes.