February 2020

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1. It’s Not Too Late: Post-Harvest Solutions to Microbial Contamination Analysis & Rising Issues

This is a long one, but well worth the read. It includes a comprehensive review of microbial contaminant testing, best practices for passing testing, and a Q&A about clean cannabis technology with our head engineer, Adrian Alvarez.

 2. Using Quality as a Competitive Differentiator in the Cannabis Industry

We love seeing companies starting to use clean cannabis concepts as brand differentiators. In our view, demonstrating that your product is clean is the starting point for any conversation about quality.

3. Cannabis Contaminants: Regulating Solvents, Microbes, and Metals in Legal Weed

There’s a heated debate in the industry relating to the value of cannabis testing. In this article, you’ll learn the different approaches states have taken.

4. How to Create a Winning Cannabis Business License Application

Our suggestion for distinguishing yourself from the herd: Include clean cannabis technology in your SOPs and highlight this on your application. It’s a signal to regulators that your company takes consumer safety seriously.

5. New Mexico Set to Finalize Rules on Cannabis Consumption Areas, New Cannabis Lab Testing Standards

A word to the wise: if you own a medical marijuana business, don’t try strong-arming regulators by saying if you want safer medicine, “pay for it.” Public apathy to testing is not the best PR strategy, especially when patients are willing to pay a premium for safe products.

6. The Power of Cannabis Pathogen Testing & Prevention: Monitoring in Cannabis Cultivation and Processing Facilities

Implementing a Pathogen Environmental Monitoring (PEM) program is a fancy way of saying test your facility for pathogens. If you’re not already doing this, here’s a guide for getting started.

7. Ask a Stoner: Can I Get My Pot Tested For Contaminants?

In Westword’s “Ask a Stoner” column, Herbert Fuego puts voice to a growing concern
among consumers. Where are the clean products?

8. Audit of Minnesota’s medical cannabis program finds concerns for product testing

Product safety concerns emerge in Minnesota after a two-year investigation reveals a
number of issues in the state’s medical marijuana program. The full audit is available here.

9. Map of Marijuana Legalization by States in 2020 (Medical & Recreational)

This article provides high-level overview of the legal status of cannabis by state. It’s also a useful reminder that cannabis legalization still has a long way to go.

10. Case Studies of Cannabis Microbial Testing & Contamination in Biologic Product Manufacturing

One of the biggest challenges in biologic product manufacturing is ensuring constant
product quality—a pain point shared by most cultivators. This article discusses how a microbial control strategy helps address this problem.

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