March 2020

This month’s newsletter is all about clean cannabis! You’ll find articles on cultivation, tips-and-tricks for
staying safe during the crisis, regulatory updates, guidance on brand building, and more!

1. Cannabis and Coronavirus: Here’s What You Need to Know

We’ll start this month with a COVID-19 update from Leafy – the guide includes tips
for safe consumption, regulatory updates, a coronavirus symptom assessment tool, and more.

2. Coronavirus Outbreak Could Delay Marijuana Legalization Along East Coast, Other States

How will the spread of COVID-19 impact cannabis legalization initiatives across the country? According to MJBiz’s Jeff Smith, a number of East Coast states are already experiencing delays that could make legalizing in 2020 difficult.

3. What Is ‘Craft Cannabis’ And How Is It Different Than Other Marijuana?

While there’s no strict definition for “craft cannabis,” we agree with Johnny Baldwin: “Craft cannabis is grown using organic methods and soil inputs, and the finished product is the finest cannabis on the planet.” It’s all about the
product quality.

4. 5 Signs That Your Weed Potentially Has Microbial Contamination

Have you seen flower with an unusual color? What about bud with a spongy texture? These are both signs of product contamination – two of the five signs outlined in this article. It’s especially worth a read if you live in a state that doesn’t have strict mold testing. 

5. Another Marijuana Health Advisory Issued for Products Sold at 30 Dispensaries in Nevada

In Nevada last month 30 dispensaries ended up in the public eye after a recall notice was issued because a testing lab misreported multiple batches of contaminated product as clean. Our view: If these companies had used a kill-step before sending their product to testing, the situation could have been avoided all together. 

6. Clean Cannabis? Cannabis Lab Testing for Contaminants May Not Prevent Tainted Marijuana Products

This article highlights the importance of implementing cannabis-testing regulations early in the legalization process. Because Oklahoma is still ramping up testing, there’s a growing concern that contaminated products are making it onto dispensary shelves.

7. Create a Winning Plan to Market and Brand Your Cannabis Business

If you’re tired of competing over price, consider using clean cannabis technology as a brand differentiator. Having the cleanest product on the market is a powerful selling point. 

8. Using Information Economics to Gain Consumer Trust and Build a Sustainable Brand

It’s great when you use a tool like our organic kill-step, but it’s even better if you can convey that information to consumers. In this article, you’ll learn how to think about your product and the attributes that matter to cannabis customers

9. An Unseen Epidemic: Toxigenic Environments and Cannabis Microbial Warfare (PART 1)

If you’re growing in an old building and have had problems with microbials, there could be an underlying issue with the facility. In this two-part article, you’ll learn how microbial contamination can occur and about the health risks of working in these environments.

10. Cannabis Product Liability: How to Protect Your Business from Catastrophe

In recent years, several product liability lawsuits have been launched against cannabis companies. This article takes a thorough look at how to properly protect your company, and the consequences of not doing so.

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