The Holistic Approach to Clean Cannabis

Target microbes at the source.

WillowPure systems come with the added benefit of support from our in-house team of microbiologists. Our team of scientists is here to help determine the source of contamination in cultivation and production facilities, so you can stop contamination before it spreads.

We’re more than just an ancillary suporter of your business, our goal is to be your partner for all things contamination and help you improve the quality of your cannabis and hemp.

Benefits of Working With Willow

Microbial Partnership

Turnkey Technology

Confident Compliance

Meet our Science Team
Carly Bader Headshot

Carly Bader

Manager of Science

Carly Bader Headshot

Karen Quinto

Senior Scientist

Every lease partnership includes Willow Scientific consulting
Roadmap To Success

With Willow, you get more than our WillowPure systems. Our team of microbiologists is here to help determine sources of contamination, and put together a plan to combat and control the microbes we identify.


30 Days

  1. Review COAs and understand current microbial challenges
  2. Onboarding and training of WillowPure system
  3. Microbial assessment of facility to identify contamination sources
  4. Build long-term Microbial Management Plan with science team
  5. Integrate WillowPure as a kill step for all flower product
  6. Dial in treatment times & optimize throughput based on kill rates
  7. Collaboration with third-party testing labs to understand their methods and your results
  8. Ongoing high-touch communication, machine support, and microbial consulting

These are only a few of the benefits of leasing WillowPure systems. If you’re looking to learn more about WillowPure systems or have questions about how we support our partners contact us!