When we set out to create the world’s first cannabis decontamination solution, we started by researching technologies used throughout the agricultural system. The kind that have a proven track record of effectiveness without damaging or altering the plants, and the kind that are safe, consistent, and scalable. 

This led us to ozone, an organic methodology that has been used in food decontamination, agriculture, and water for more than 100 years. 

What Is Ozone? 

Ozone gas is triatomic oxygen (O3), a naturally occurring form of oxygen. The third oxygen atom makes the ozone molecule highly unstable, which is the key to its oxidizing power and its ability to kill a variety of pathogens, including yeast, mold, bacteria, Aspergillus, coliforms, E. Coli, and Salmonella. 

That instability is also what controls the biological growth of unwanted organisms much faster and more effectively than traditional disinfectants. Ozone is not only the single strongest food-grade antimicrobial agent, it’s a better oxidizer than hydrogen peroxide, chlorine, or chlorine dioxide! 

How We Use Ozone to Clean Cannabis 

When ozone gas is used for cannabis disinfection, it penetrates the cell walls of microbes and oxidizes their cellular components, leading to their destruction. One of the most positive characteristics of ozone is its natural ability to degrade back to oxygen. For this reason, ozone technology, rather than heat pasteurization, has become popular in agriculture and various food and plant applications. Because it rapidly breaks back down into oxygen, ozone leaves no residue.

WillowPure is our patented, organic cannabis decontamination system that uses precisely controlled ozone to gently, effectively, and proactively decontaminate cannabis flower and trim. WillowPure was engineered specifically for cannabis, to gently and effectively remove yeast, mold, Aspergillus, E. Coli, and Salmonella from the surface without compromising quality, flavor, or effects.

The WillowPure system produces ozone by pulling oxygen, O2, through an electric isolation chamber. Inside the isolation chamber, oxygen’s two atoms release and recombine to form ozone with three oxygen atoms. 

The new O3 molecule is very unstable and wants to pull away and bind to something else. When the unstable ozone comes in contact with bacteria or mold, one oxygen atom reacts with the cell’s outer membrane, creating a small hole in the cell wall while oxygen gas floats away. As more ozone molecules collide with the cell, this oxidative process continues until the bacterial wall loses shape and the cell dies.

The great thing is that when ozone is done doing its job, the only thing that is left is oxygen, so there will never be any residue, chemicals, or solvents on the cannabis

WillowPure Machines & Models Leveraging Ozone Technology

WillowPure 360 Model

The WillowPure 360 is our flagship decontamination system designed with a gentle turning drum to ensure consistent and effective cleaning for cultivators of all sizes. It has a capacity of 35 gallons and can clean 25-35 pounds of whole flower per cycle. An advanced humidity component also controls and retains moisture, extends shelf life, and ensures premium quality and freshness.

WillowPure 20 Model

The WillowPure 20 is recommended for smaller batches, pre-rolls, and multi-strain cycles. It has a tray and rack system to evenly distribute pre-rolls, ensuring a consistent clean. The WillowPure 20 model has a capacity of 8,500 pre-rolls per cycle or up to 20 lbs of flower. 

Safety of Our WillowPure Machines

Ozone applications are recognized as safe and effective when applied properly and are compliant with FDA, USDA, OSHA, NSF/ANSI Standard 50, and UL lab standards.

WillowPure systems are entirely enclosed, allowing for consistent, uniform treatment of product while keeping ozone contained at all times. Engineered with multiple levels of internal safety, our systems ensure safe operation and efficacy.

They are also equipped with ozone leak alarms and a destruct phase to make sure all ozone has reverted to oxygen before the machine is opened, providing safe, immediate access to product post-treatment.

Accessibility of Our WillowPure Machines

We want to make our machines as easily accessible as possible, so we offer rental, lease, and purchase options so cultivators can choose the solution that works best for them.

Experience WillowPure Technology for Cleaner Cannabis

Here at Willow, we’ve spent years testing and custom engineering the WillowPure system to use the power of ozone to target only key contaminants commonly found in cannabis, while never harming the plant or degrading product quality. This means that the color, terpenes, flavor, feel, and cannabinoid content are never compromised. 

We are committed to helping you deliver the safest, highest-quality cannabis to customers across the country — contact us today to learn how the WillowPure ozone systems can work in your facility!