Clean Cannabis: Frequently Asked Questions

WillowPure Technology FAQ

What is WillowPure?
  • WillowPure is a patented, organic cannabis kill step that uses precisely controlled cannabis ozone disinfection to gently and effectively decontaminate cannabis flower and trim. WillowPure was engineered specifically for cannabis, to gently and effectively remove yeast, mold, Aspergillus, E. Coli, and Salmonella from the surface without compromising quality, flavor or effect.
  • The WillowPure system converts ambient oxygen into ozone with an electrical charge. The ozone molecules then break down the cell walls of pathogens living on the surface of the plant. The ozone then breaks down back into oxygen, leaving no residue.
  • WillowPure models are designed to be mobile within a cannabis facility, have a touchscreen interface and require minimal labor.
What is a Kill Step?
  • A critical cannabis decontamination phase in which the final product is treated in order to mitigate deadly pathogens. This process of cannabis pathogen testing ensures that the product is safe for consumption, and has been used for years in industries such as agriculture and food and beverage.
  • Willow is the first kill step decontamination developed just for cannabis.
  • By removing pathogens proactively before testing, WillowPure ensures clean, quality cannabis and extends the shelf life of your flower.
How many pounds of cannabis can I clean?
  • The WillowPure 360 has a capacity of 35 gallons and can clean 25-35 pounds of whole flower per cycle.
  • The WillowPure 20 has a capacity of 8,500 prerolls per cycle.
Does it affect the flower, degrade terpenes or lower potency?

The WillowPure Ozone system provides a gentle cannabis decontamination solution that is effective in killing microbes, but does not affect terpenes or cannabinoids.

Does the WillowPure System affect a product’s smell?

Because the WillowPure cannabis decontamination system does not degrade terpenes, the plant’s natural aroma remains intact. A residual ozone smell will accompany the product immediately after it is extracted from the machine. This smell subsides in a few days as the process of residual ozone converts back to oxygen, leaving the product smelling just as good as it did before the process.

Is the WillowPure system organic?

Yes! Ozone is approved for use on products labeled “organic”.

Ozone FAQ

What is Ozone?

Ozone gas is triatomic oxygen (O3), a naturally occurring form of oxygen. The third oxygen atom makes the ozone molecule highly unstable, which is the key to its oxidizing power and its ability to kill a variety of pathogens, including yeast, mold, bacteria, Aspergillus, coliforms, E. Coli, and Salmonella. That instability is also what controls biological growth of unwanted organisms much faster and more effectively than traditional disinfectants like chlorine and hydrogen peroxide.

Why is Ozone a good decontamination solution?

One of ozone’s most positive characteristics is its natural ability to degrade back to oxygen. For this reason, ozone technology, rather than heat pasteurization, has become popular in agriculture and in various food and plant applications. Because it rapidly breaks back down into oxygen, ozone leaves no residue.

Is Ozone Safe?
  • Ozone applications are recognized as safe and effective when applied properly, and are compliant with FDA, USDA, OSHA, NSF/ANSI Standard 50 and UL lab standards.
  • Following FDA and OSHA measures, we recommend standard safety procedures when working with ozone, including the use of gloves as well as protective gear for the body, face, and eyes.
Is Ozone used in other industries?

Ozone has been used for years in industries such as agriculture, and food and beverage to make products safe for consumers. In fact, many of the fruits and vegetables you buy at the store may have been decontaminated with an ozone kill step.

Working With Willow FAQ

What are my options?

Willow Industries provides long-term leases, rentals, and a mobile service in Colorado.

What are the benefits of a WillowPure Lease partnership?
  • WillowPure lease partners receive in-depth training on how to operate the WillowPure system, a microbial assessment of your facility, and continuous support from a dedicated Customer Success Team.
  • WillowPure was designed as a preventative cannabis kill step. Our goal is to have our partners implement WillowPure as a preventative decontamination kill step, rather than remediation for failed flower. That is why we have built out a team of microbiologists to address contamination issues at the source in order to lower the overall bioburden on your product.
Can I use WillowPure in my state?
  • WillowPure technology can be used by any licensed cannabis cultivator in a legal market.
  • Willow Industries’ organic, patented, ozone-based technology is currently being leveraged by cannabis producers and brands in 38 states, Australia and Canada.
What is WillowPure Assured?

WillowPure Assured is an initiative by Willow Industries, designed to highlight the integrity and quality of our lease partners’ cannabis. The program represents an assurance to consumers and educates them on the care given to your premium cannabis.