Did you fail a moldy cannabis test in California? You aren’t alone

Growers all over California, and other parts of the United States, are experiencing cannabis mold testing for the first time in 2018. If you find that you have received a failing Certificate of Analysis from a California testing facility for microbial impurities, it means at least one of the four major pathogenic Aspergillus species was detected in 1 gram of inhalable cannabis. These species are A. Fumigates, A. Flavus, A. Niger, and A. Terreus.

Why Does Cannabis Mold Testing Matter?

While testing can be difficult to navigate and sometimes produces frustrating results, it is in fact very important to the industry. While many people have strong, healthy immune systems to deal with microbial impurities on inhalable cannabis, not everyone does. Aspergillus spores are not destroyed by the combustion associated with smoking cannabis, and are capable of landing and growing on a person’s lung tissue. If that person were immunocompromised, the spore could multiply, and create a multitude of health problems including severe allergic reactions, hearing loss, allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis, and others.

People where the following factors apply are at the highest risk of infection from Aspergillus strains:

  • Ingestion of immunosuppressive drugs (after undergoing bone or organ transplants)
  • Low white blood cell count (chemotherapy)
  • Asthma or Cystic Fibrosis
  • Long-term Corticosteroid therapy

How Do I Make Sure I Have Clean Cannabis?

Willow Industries can help you make failed cannabis mold tests a thing of the past. From our ozonated water systems to our patented WillowPure technology for post-harvest flower decontamination, the Willow team can help successfully guide you through clean growing and handling of product. Aspergillus can be found at any point in the growth cycle of a plant, including environmental cross contamination even after harvest. Make sure that you have the right processes and technology in place, to ensure you no longer have to think about failing a cannabis mold test. Your customers will appreciate it too!