The Willow team is an experienced and trusted partner for any and all issues surrounding your plants after they have been harvested. We’ve built strong industry connections through our work, keeping consumers safe, growers compliant, and facilities clean. Willow has seen it all and we’re here to help.


Post Harvest Consulting

  • Food safety background for above and beyond safety measures
  • Extensive experience in cultivations of all types and sizes
  • Track record of passing microbial tests in all condition
  • Ozonated Water System Implementation


Compliance – Regulations – Testing Procedures

  • The industry experts on all testing regulations
  • Pre-emptive understanding of all proposed and implemented rule changes
  • Best practices for sampling and testing procedures
  • Strong lab connections and recommendations


Dry and Cure Room Evaluations

  • Design and Implementation
  • Sanitary environments and best practices
  • Effective cleaning methods and techniques
  • Environmental assessments
  • Reduce/Eliminate cross-contamination

How to Work With Us

Willow can work with you by providing product cleaning services at your location or by leasing and servicing your own WillowPure machine.


On-Site Services


Equipment Leases



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