With cannabis microbial testing becoming more stringent in states that have legalized the product, growers are finding it harder to consistently pass tests for all of their batches. Even the best of growers can run into issues occasionally, whether it be controlling the growing environment, or a particular strain that is more problematic than others when it comes to its immune system.

Hardest of all, most states have microbial limits that are so low that once a contaminant issue becomes visually apparent, the product is already far beyond the passing mark. The need for quality cannabis and THC remediation has never been more apparent.

When most people hear the phrase “cannabis remediation,” they think of extraction into oils and concentrates, but is there a way to remediate cannabis of mold and microbials without having to destroy the flower?

Willow Industries has the technology to eliminate aspergillus species, microbials, and reduce total yeast and mold counts while retaining the quality of your product. Our WillowPure technology will never harm your terpenes, reduce potency, or visually change anything about the product you put so much effort into growing. True cannabis remediation for flower is finally here.

What is this Cannabis Remediation technology and how is it used for testing?

The WillowPure is a cannabis remediation system that uses pure ozone gas as a medium to destroy microbials on finished flower. Unlike some other methods of cannabis remediation, the process is gentle, and doesn’t harm any of the medicinal properties of the plant. There is no heat involved, no UV light, and no irradiation or chemicals are used in the process.

While ozone gas is used in the agriculture industry much for the same purpose, Willow Industries has spent 100% of its time focusing specifically on cannabis remediation.

Our cannabis decontamination technology was not merely adapted from another industry to cannabis, it was developed explicitly for this purpose. All of our data has been collected from tests with real growers and approved labs, on products very similar to your own, and we continue to conduct tests daily with our many clients.

How Does Willow’s Cannabis Remediation System Work?

WillowPure 360 is the go-to cannabis remediation system that cleans 25-35 lbs of post harvest flower per cycle, utilizing a gentle turning drum system to ensure consistent and effective cleaning.

Inside the WillowPure cannabis remediation system, oxygen’s two atoms release and recombine to form ozone with three oxygen atoms. Ozone effectively attacks the bacteria and mold that it encounters because the newly bonded, unstable third atom releases and breaks down cell walls. The cells eventually die as this process repeats itself.

After ozone destroys bacteria and mold cells, only oxygen remains, so no residue, chemicals, or solvents are left behind on the cannabis product. This organic process of cannabis remediation allows us to effectively decontaminate the product without altering potency, cannabinoid concentrations, or terpene profiles on cannabis.

We believe cannabis remediation is more than just a way to pass state mandated testing, it’s a means to a higher standard of product. Give us a call or send us a quick email today to see how we can help you.