Willow Industries

Who We Are

Willow Industries offers post-harvest microbial decontamination. Based in Denver, Colorado, we provide state-of-the-art technology to clean and purify flower and trim.

Our ozone-based patent-pending technology, WillowPure, reduces yeast, mold, bacteria, Aspergillus, coliforms, E.Coli, and Salmonella, all the while protecting the medicinal properties of the plant.  Most importantly, we deliver a finished product that is safe for consumers.

Willow Industries has successfully passed hundreds of
microbial tests and saved thousands of pounds of product.

Our Team

We are a team driven by a desire to set the standard for health and safety in an emerging industry intent on not simply legalization, but legitimacy.

Our background in operations, marketing, sales, and science, along with our presence in public policy, underscore our understanding of the challenges we face as an industry and our ability to find solutions to propel us forward.

Safety and Regulatory

Safety is of utmost importance to us here at Willow Industries. We take it very seriously and have been registered and/or approved by the following regulatory agencies:

Willow is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency, Colorado Department of Agriculture and is in code with National Fire Protection Association standards and OSHA requirements for ozone generation.

Willow has been vetted by the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, The City of Denver Department of Public Health and Environment and the Denver Fire Department.

The Health and Safety Departments in California, Arizona, and Nevada have given Willow the approval to proceed for use without any necessary registrations.

How to Work With Us

Willow can work with you by providing product cleaning services at your location or by selling and servicing your own WillowPure machine.


On-Site Services


Machine Sales