Willow’s Roots

Our mission is to standardize quality in the cannabis industry and empower cultivators to provide clean, safe products.


Stay true to our roots and never compromise our values: Honesty, transparency, virtue.


Drive the average to exceptional. Be a catalyst for new ideas and change.


Push forward with the intention of doing good for the industry: Give back, think big and engage.


Never stop listening and learning. There is always a cannabis solution.


The heartbeat of Willow is our team and passion for what we do: Inspire and uplift.


Willow started with one goal: provide cannabis businesses with the resources they need to deliver consistently clean products to patients and consumers. WillowPure technology operates as an organic kill step to cannabis decontamination, ensuring product safety, but we’ve evolved into a holistic cultivation decontamination partner. Our team of microbiologists is here to help you determine the root of contamination so it can be stopped at the source. While our team is training you on how to operate your WillowPure system, we’re also running microbial consulting and analysis throughout your facility to establish a microbial management plan, and outlining best practices to improve overall facilities cleanliness. Our goal is to get you out of the cannabis remediation cycle, into using a gentle, preventative kill step.

Our intention is to prepare our partners for GMP cleanliness requirements and help them set a higher bar for product cleanliness and safety across the industry. Every WillowPure System is built in accordance with OSHA and National Fire Protection Agency Standards, has an establishment number with the EPA, and holds UL and CE listings.

Our cannabis ozone disinfection technology decontaminates product post harvest, while our team of microbiologists helps decontaminate your facility from the start. This combined effort leaves you confident when it comes to testing, proud to sell your products to consumers, and most of all helps you build a stronger business.

Our relationship with our cultivators goes beyond our WillowPure systems – it is a continuous partnership that supports growers for the life of their business.