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State-of-the-Art Cannabis Decontamination Technology 

Flower Willow Has Cleaned To Date!

What is WillowPure?

Willow Industries is the industry leader in post-harvest microbial decontamination. Our ozone-based, patent-pending technology, WillowPureSM, uses a scientifically proven method to reduce yeast, mold, bacteria, coliforms, Aspergillus, and pathogens while protecting the medicinal properties of your plant. Most importantly, WillowPureSM delivers a finished product that is safe for your consumers.

Our Purpose

We believe in the consumer’s right to purchase clean, pure cannabis and in helping cultivators and infused product manufacturers deliver on the promise of providing a healthier product that puts the customer first.

Our backgrounds in health and science, together with our passion for problem-solving, drive us to seek immediate solutions for an industry that is only beginning to uncover its greatest opportunities.

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You will feel confident in knowing you have taken the steps to provide the cleanest and highest quality product to your consumer.

Our Promise

We are committed to helping produce cleaner, safer cannabis more likely to meet state regulations and more qualified to stand out among the overcrowded inventory on
dispensary shelves.

With the help of our WillowPureSM technology, our commitment is to help you purify your product and protect your brand.

We have diligently researched and tested our technology, ensuring we can effectively reduce microbial contamination without disrupting the medicinal properties of the plant.

Our People

We are a team driven by a desire to set the standard for health and safety in an emerging industry intent on not simply legalization, but legitimacy.

Our background in operations, marketing, sales, and science—along with our presence in public policy—underscore our understanding of the challenges we face as an industry and our ability to find solutions to propel us forward.

With over three years of extensive testing, research, and data compilation, we have perfected the WillowPure process, ensuring microbial reduction without damage to the terpenes, potency, trichomes, flower structure or color.

We have cleaned thousands of pounds of product in Colorado and have worked with cultivators all over the country to ensure the WillowPure process is effective for your operation. Our data speaks for itself.

How to Work With Us

Willow can work with you by providing product cleaning services at your location or by leasing and servicing your own WillowPure machine.


On-Site Services


Equipment Leases



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