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Discover Willow Industries, the industry-leading organic cannabis kill step

Willow Industries WillowPure 360 cannabis decontamination ozone machine

Break the Cycle of Remediation

The Willow Industries team will help you solve contamination at the source. We implement a microbial management plan and utilize the WillowPure 360 as a gentle, preventative kill step.

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As the industry-leading organic kill step, WillowPure systems provide clean and effective solutions to cannabis and hemp contaminants.

Our technology uses ozone to safely clean cannabis flower, hemp and trim without compromising quality, flavor or effect. WillowPure systems have taken the protective qualities of ozone learned from traditional agriculture and perfected the technology specifically for cannabis.

Safe. Effective. Fast.

Without Compromising Quality

Erasing Microbes Across the Globe

Pounds Cleaned

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